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Hi Admins!

I see others that appear to be uploading short videos using what appears to be a forum feature. (I think.) I have yet to be able to figure that out. Any pointers?

While asking: Would it be better for OGR (in regards to your server expenses) if I used my YouTube channel to upload a video and then embed it here, thus relieving OGR from having to have said video on your server(s)?


Andre Ming

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I appreciate your considerations, Andre, but it's not an issue of server load or disc space. We have unlimited disc space on the forum server, and it is well capable of serving video files along with everything else.

I am suggesting that you put the videos on your YouTube channel and then embed them here because doing it that way, your videos will all be in one place on your YouTube channel. That channel will reach a different and perhaps wider audience than if they were only hosted here. You can then select the best ones to embed here, and reach a new audience beyond YouTube.

Either way, I'm glad you are going to do it!

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