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Loco finally arrived yesterday  and went to surgery last night.  It appears to be little used but was told that their might be gearbox issues since it reportedly sat for 50 years.  I found no issues with the drivetrain at all.  Grease even appeared ok but put in some Red n Tacky since not much was left on the underpart of the gearbox; I may have overdone it.

The only real challenge was putting back the very recessed gearbox cover screws—had to use forceps.  If anybody has advice on good jewelers screwdrivers and forceps, I am all ears!  

I call this a big little locomotive.  See the picture of it next to the consolidation. It looks big but doesn’t take up the real estate of a Northern or articulated.

Thank you for the advice from prrjim, bob2, and harmonyards.  


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I don't think it looks like a USH drive train either.    All the ones I have seen have a different looking motor and a diecast gearbox.    The USH gearboxes I have seen have "KTM" cast into the bottoms too.   

I have seen some Max Grey locos with fabricated brass gear boxes.

The model does look nice and the mechanism looks fine.    Possible it was reworked at some point, or is some thing a little different than many other USH locos I have seen.    In either case it seems nice.

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