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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

Have been admiring these for many years but have only seen a few offered for sale all this time. Caught this one on the auction site a few weeks back and decided that it is truly "A pearl of great price" so I sprung for it. It arrived in about 9 days from Las Vegas in its own wooden case very ingeniously attached inside. No apparent damage that I can see. Weighed 67#!

As in the 'Pearl' parable, I will be soon offering some of my nice O gauge passenger cars and engines to cover this acquisition. Don't have room for all this stuff!

Looking it over carefully last evening I am very impressed with the level of detail and sheer size of this locomotive - looks like a double-sized K-Line Hudson! Will have to get the K-Line out for some photo comparisons.

It is sort of stripped down without a headlight or smoke unit. Will be used for display for awhile but I want to explore adding sound, smoke, and control to it sometime. Am curious about dead rail (battery power) and some type of control system that will work from the phone. Is PS3 a good option to get all the operating features in one system or is it overkill with DC?


This fella is LARGE at 1:29 and is billed as 'The Largest Die-Cast Model of the J1e produced"

Do any of you guys have one of these and can share your thoughts please?


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c.sam posted:
...This fella is LARGE at 1:29 and is billed as 'The Largest Die-Cast Model of the J1e produced"

scale to gauge error...

O gauge tinplate ... 5.84%

for #1 gauge (45mm track) ...
1:29 ... 9.93%
1:32 ... 0.34%

at least with the error in O gauge, models are under-scaled in regard to the track gauge.  that is, the wheels are spaced farther out than they should be.

in 1:29, the model is over-scaled making the wheel gauge look even more narrow than it should be.

Chuck Sartor posted:

Did the original headlight and smoke unit burn out?

Reportedly, the seller as a dealer had one that he operates and asked Charlie if he had a 'deal' on one for display. Charlie sold him this one without the headlight and smoke unit for less?

At some point, I plan to add lights, smoke, and hopefully some kind of control system if I see that I will be able to operate it sometime.  Am thinking PS3 with Mike's smoke unit would be good. Assuming it will function with DC current fine. Any other suggestions?

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