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Yes, they all use the same basic wiring/activation scheme.  Because some operating cars work with the uncouple button(using car chassis for ground/common) and some with the unload button(isolated from the car chassis), a DPDT (on)-off-(on) switch can be used to replace the bulky controllers. 6019 illustrated, RCS/UCS, GarGraves/Ross, RealTrax, FasTrack similar. If you really don't want the magnet energizing, just don't connect it or cut the connection. To use aux power, take the "power" wire off the center rail connection and connect it to your accessory voltage tap.

RCS UCS 6019

A DPST button type switch of your choosing can be used to energize either uncouple or unload by just using either the bottom, or top, respectively, of the DPDT in the illustration.

Hi Rob, Just to let you know that I tried the switch today. Would not work. I noticed that the pin numbers are different on the DP-DT switch that I used compared to the  pin numbers on the switch in the diagram. The switch numbers run vertical on the I have and numbers run horizonal on the one in the diagram. What DP-DT manufacture switch should I use to make it work?

Regards DC

The switch in the diagram is a little misleading - it is oriented up & down as illustrated.


Any manufacturer of your preference, for the style & mounting you are looking for - toggle, slide, rocker, pushbutton, etc.  DPDT switches are ubiquitous and all work generally the same regardless of the numbering. You want the DPDT (on)-off-(on) center off momentary for the track activation.

The center 2 wires go to the center 2 connections on the DPDT, the rest of the connections follow to the left & right or up & down respectively depending on how you have the switch orientated, you decide which way is uncouple and which way is unload by rotating the switch 180º.

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