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I'm a newbie (actually back to Lionel after 60 years...My parents gave me a Lionel set with the Original Bosco Milk Car for Christmas 60 yrs ago).  Anyway...RSJB18 gave some excellent advice regarding the O-72 Wye.  I noticed that the one side was modeled with O-31 switches and curves with compensating straight track.  Both sides look like O-36 switches and curves can be used.  I'd prefer to stick with O-36 curves as my minimum.  Am I correct in this balance of curves?  

I'd like to have this "planned out" before spending the money.  


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  • 031-036%20Y: The O-31 Curve, Extension and switch are on the left hand
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The "wye" itself does not come with any curves - it's just a split track switch. You can use any size curves you like to lead into or away from the wye and two O-36 curves should work just fine. You can also mix curves on either side of the wye. The only issue will be the need to adjust the length of the straight portion between the switches.

Page 20 of the Lionel 2016 Track and Power catalogue (available on their website) shows the straight track pieces necessary to make anything from an O-31 to an O-72 wye.

If you put different size switches on either side of the wye, you will need to adjust the straight pieces and/or use custom cut length straight pieces. That same catalogue also has a chart showing what pieces are necessary to make certain length straights.

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