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Hi Friends:

At my local shop I have my eye on a used Proto 2 steamer, a 4-4-0 early American style. But what gives me pause is the 170 hours on it. I run conventional with a bit of DCS remote commander. I would certainly convert it with the proper BCR. My question is, at what point do you become concerned about mileage on these things?

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Hey Friends:

I was wrong in my memory: the engine is a 4-4-0 General, #30-1342-1. It is the Lincoln Funeral engine from 2004.

The box had a hand written label indicating it is one of 2 prototypes. 4000 scale miles. In good shape, looks like it was really well maintained, like whomever got hold of the prototype took good care.

As something of a Lincoln scholar, the price being right, I grabbed it. IO'm pretty certain the battery has gone through a change, but I'll open it and look.

All functions are working. Wheels in good shape. Traction tires recently changed it looks like.

I don't have any PRR Overton cars, just some UP ones, which will have to stand in right now.

Thanks for your help. Will post pics soon.


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