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I recently used my wife's to renumber a steamer.  Just have to be careful getting the letters out of the vinyl and when transfering, but it worked even for those small numbers.  I went over it with clearcoat as well.  I can't tell you how it will hold up long run, but so far so good.

I use a Brother Scan n Cut2.  I don't do vinyl.  Instead, I use it to make stencils for spray painting.  I apply a temporary adhesive to the "back" (you print it in reverse), press everything in place, spray paint it a couple times, peel it off and call it a day.  It does NOT work well for small fonts nor does it work well on surfaces with protrusions.  Anything less than a quarter of an inch is pushing it.  (That's not to say you won't get better mileage than me.)


Fellas, the blade is everything!!!… must have a descent blade…..I’m not sure what the Cricut machine uses, but my graphics guy uses some sort of special blade made in Germany for his machine, I can certainly ask him what he uses, and if he’s familiar with the Cricut ….my graphics guy has some big honking machine, and when he switched the blade out for this special blade he mentioned, it was like night and day difference ……also, the type of vinyl he uses is so oober thin, it’s like pad printing when he’s finished……the blade he uses makes weeding the letters and numbers super easy……you can’t argue with results like this: ….custom painted and graphics on a C&O Greenbrier Presidential Special….yes, all of that is vinyl application…..E564CEF6-2DE3-4102-8096-70161208CDEF



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Sorry Ron, just saw your post!  I used Tahoma for the numbers, and for the below which I did today, used Calibri for the letters.  Again, a little crooked but that's me.  The trick is getting the letters separated from the vinyl and then getting them straight again before putting the transfer tape on them.  Still, I'm pleased.  Much easier in my opinion than decals, and I make anything I want.



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