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I just got an oval of Fasttrack but do not have Lionchief power or engines. I want to use the track with an old (KW/TW. etc.) Transformer just to run a loop around the Christmas tree. Is there an adapter I can use to hook up to the terminal connector on the track section with then 2 wires to hook to my transformer? Any help would be appreciated. Been out of the hobby for 15 years and lots seems to have chnaged from my TMCC days.

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I have a 5x9 layout using factrack and so far have just needed a single connection from my ZW transformer.  You shouldn't need to run multiple power drops, but you'll find that out soon enough.

If you want to also run non-conventional, as I do, you might to pick up a Lionel 634120 TMCC Lock-On that will shut off power quickly if there is a short on the track.

I found that even on a larger, temporary holiday show layout, that was even larger than 5x9 that I only needed one connection! I was surprised. Did it run at consistent speed, no, BUT the kids liked the fact that it would slow down and then speed up and even their parents were wondering who the invisible man was behind the throttle, lol. On my larger permanent layout which is still under construction, I need many more drops as I am going for more realistic running and less problems. I had trouble with the connectors (fingers did not want to work) and decided to solder instead. I solder the tabs which hold down the rail to the track.

If the loop under the tree will be the extent of your running, then I agree with Raptor Rails and get the terminal track (easy) BUT if you are like most of us....well this is just the beginning!


If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can just strip the ends of the + and - wires coming from the transformer and solder them directly to the tabs underneath and skip the connectors. If you want to get fancy, you can notch a small oval in the side of the Fastrack with a Dremel and small stone for the wires to pass under. Especially, if you're running on carpet, I like to put a small dab of liquid electrical tape on the solder connections (and let dry overnight).

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