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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

My wife decided she wanted her own small n scale layout, so we started this adventure just after Christmas.  We bought the Bachman EZ command control center for dcc.

Layout progress since the jan 1st is shown below along with our track plan we created and worked from.

Highly recommend not using the paper backed foam core board we used as it warps once painted.  Lots of clamping and re glue, because of it.





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We started out very aggressive on building this micro layout at the start of COVID and then lost our momentum towards the fall of 2020.  Life happens and we shift gears for a while…

This summer I was able to help out with making the brown fascia.  My wife created the control panel schematic by taping off the the back of a piece of Lexan and painting it from the back.  

Recently, there seems to be some renewed interest in working on this project again.  Since the last major push, tons of dust managed to settle on the layout.  These little trains seem to be very sensitive to the dust.   After cleaning everything up dust wise, last weekend we started construction of vinyl dust cover.  We still need to develop some temporary supports off of the layout for it.  


Fast forward to this weekend, and I finally wired up the control panel for her.  She is starting to again make progress on the buildings as well as completing the paint and weathering on them.



AFF9BA08-1F5E-4643-96CA-F31883B6DAEAHope to have some cool updates in the near future as this start to come together more.  Also plan to get a small video posted soon of the trains running. I was really surprised by how good these little trains sound.


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Same story here my wife woke up in January 2022  and said I want an N scale layout, I have to say it really renewed my interest in scenery and things like that, we haven't even put power to the track yet. We've also really been enjoying the local train shows picking up things.IMG_6370...IMG_6618IMG_6617IMG_6136IMG_6137IMG_6145 I've been using all my O gauge skills on building scenery and things and I've really been enjoying it. She keeps changing things but here's a few pictures


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Thanks for nice comments.  The cover actually was made from vinyl bought and Joanne fabrics and custom cut and sewed to fit perfect.

The tunnel ends in the corner, we ended up using a mirror on it to give the impression it is going somewhere. It is one of my wife’s and kids favorite thing on the layout.



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