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The lionchief app. Its essentially a stopgap substitute for the fact that they cant consistently stock working control system hardware. If you have functional TMCC, use that. Not as good as full blown legacy, but better than the BT app.

Boilermaker1 Thanks for the info. I kinda thought I could do that. I had a Legacy locomotive about 5 years ago and used my Tmcc system to run it. I know I couldn’t get all the features but it worked fine. Until these manufacturers get their act together I’m going with what I have.

The BT app does more than people realize. A lot of folks that say it is very minimal have not used it in the last few years. It is still NOT Legacy but does more than some think that briefly used it or read about it at its release years ago.

I was amazed by how my Legacy models (newer 2019 and up) operated with the app. The bells and whistles you can adjust with the pitch option which can create the 5 different bells and whistles and can even create a quillable effect using the sliders on the app.

There are still a lot of optional sounds like brake noise, rail sounds, coupler slack etc. You just cannot activate them on command. They are there but just random which is what I prefer anyway.

I would love to experience a Legacy or DCS remote but if they are not making them anymore and the aftermarket value is insane I will rather not bother.


Locos with Bluetooth can also be operated for most basic functions using the LionChief Universal Remote, if you have one.  But TMCC makes sense if you are already using it. The LionChief locos (as opposed to LionChief + 2.0 and Legacy which work with TMCC and Legacy) will not respond to TMCC/Legacy signals and you will need to use the dedicated remote that came with the loco, or the Universal Remote, or the LionChief app on a phone or tablet.

I had a conventional loco re-worked with a Bluetooth "transplant" installed in it.  The accompanying hand-held remote controller worked fine with all the features I wanted/needed. Admittedly not Legacy, but I consider that pricey system as overkill with features I'd probably not ever use.  I realize other hobbyists/operators want/need and appreciate all the Legacy features -- more power to them.

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394

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