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Precisely one.  If you place any additional engines that will be controlled conventionally on the track they will respond exactly the same way as that one, largely in sync, going forward when it goes forward, going backward when it goes backward, moving at roughly the same speed, all in response to the throttle knob (Lionel Cab x) or wheel (MTH).  They will all respond to the throttle movement at the same time in the same way and are not individually controllable.

Because of your requirement to use conventional control exclusively the only way to get around this is to isolate sections of track (into blocks), feed them with separate throttles (via separate Lionel PowerMasters, although these can be controlled by more than one Cab x, or variable channels controlled by one or more DCS remotes via separate MTH TIU variable channels, for example), and intentionally place each extra engine in its own isolated block.

Since you've stated that your track has no extra isolated sections, and consists of basically just one large one, realistically you can only run one engine.


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I find it interesting that the first responder seems to make it clear that for the original question asked, several engines can be put on the track, but they will all move in the same direction and at the same speed.  Then the first responder says "realistically you can only run one engine."

I think a better answer is that the questioner can run as many conventional engines as his power source will allow.  However, because of manufacturing differences, they will not run in sync.  Thus, if you start up 2 different engines on opposite sides of an oval, they will run in the same direction but, in all likelihood, one will eventually "catch-up" with the other.  Then, the slightly faster one will begin pushing the slightly slower one.


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