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I have a new MTH NYC Caboose with the operating signal man, which triggers off of the bell function of a conventional transformer.  I also have a older Lionel 6-5906 Sound Activation Button (for bell or whistle) that I want to use to activate the signal man while in full DCS mode of operation. 

The 6-5906 Sound Button instructions say "not to be used with Lionel 6-4690 transformer".  I believe the 6-4690 is a solid state transformer.  This triggers some questions about are there problems associated with using this Sound Button with solid state "chopped" transformers of any kind?

I am powering my loop with a Lionel PH 135 brick and using an MTH TIU. I plan to put the Sound Button between the PH 135 and the MTH TIU.

1.  Will this actually work?

2.  Is there any risk of damage the PH 135 or the MTH TIU?

3.  Anyone out there actually tried this?

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Thanks much John.   I was hoping to hear from you.  Your response was exactly what I was thinking but I needed a little confidence about not damaging the TIU.  

The layout is a 7 foot dogbone with no accessories and one engine at a time so the Sound Button shouldn’t be overloaded.  That said, Im planning to upgrade the leads.  I realize that doesn’t address the internal diodes but I want more flexible wires anyway.

Thanks once more for your time and expertise.   

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