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Thoughts? I've seen topics on Wallwarts, I have a couple laptop ac-12 volts bricks. I am just looking to start using them as accessory lights/LED power.

only just thinking about this as I am inspired to create a few accessory buildings and lights.

Salute to all of your Modelling, Skillz and sharing. Amazing, and Thank you.

As soon as the garage warms up to anything above freezing, I am hoping to show progress on trying to build a wooden entrance and Exit facade for my Mountain and Tunnel.... a place for the animals to graze, and:

Since my wife frowned on my wish to paint a backdrop and glue building and mountain fronts to her family room wall...... I bought a batch of Dollar tree foamboard to stick to the wall.... (She used to know how to have fun.....)

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Most notebook power supplies output 19v.  You need a DC to DC step-down converter (discussed in many threads) to drop the notebook supply voltage to what your accessory needs.

Years ago, I mentioned to work colleagues that I wanted the power bricks from failed equipment.  Careful with what you ask for - I now have boxes of the bricks and warts.  Sometimes the output voltage, amps, and barrel connector fit the application - a Netgear brick provides aux power to my club's TIU.

Many cell phone chargers output regulated 5v and are perfect for Miller signs.

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