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Apply a glossy clear coat as Jonathan said or a decal restorer that Microscale sells. Completely coat the decal and let dry. Cut out the decal that is to be applied and soak in warm water then set aside to break the decal bond to the backing paper. I would apply this procedure to Champ and  Walthers decals since they are old if the Microscale decals are old apply the same procedure. Some of the old Champ decals with the pink backing paper take a while to release the decals and some the the very old Champ decals ink will start to bleed when the Microscale decal restorer is applied, do not touch the decal if this occurs, the restorer dries very fast. Also from what I have experienced decal thickness from thick to thin(Champ, Walthers and Microscale) thicker decals are less prone to tearing than the thin decals. Sometimes even if you apply the gloss coating or decal restorer the decal breaks apart when soaked in water or when try moving the decal from the backing paper.

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I have a large stash of Champ decals from the 80's and early 90's.  Can they just be used as is or do they need to be sprayed or treated first because of their age?.


Best to check their condition prior to use by using a bit of the page that you have no real need for; snip off that bit and see it retains integrity in water; if not, spray that set.

However, the last set I used, 1 of the 2 pages worked perfectly, while the other completely fragmented.

So, when in doubt --> overspray!

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