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Good afternoon,

I'm trying to help out a friend who's building a Lionel Super O layout. He'd like to install a 3462/3472 Milk car platform and a 3656 Cattle Corral.

Looking at the Greenburg guide bottom of pg. 725, it shows installing control rails over a standard straight, using a no.61 ground lockon and and No.90 controller. This arrangement looks like what he'd need for the operation of the milk car. Is this correct?

Also in order to incorporate the 3656 cattle platform (Referencing Greenburg guide pg.728), I would need 2 No.38 adapter tracks, 38-92 energizing blade and a 38-98 ground clip to build up their sliding shoe contacts projecting through the to the proper height for Super O track. I believe he has the Super O track parts needed to assemble this.

Does anyone have a diagram showing how the cattle corral  is assembled and wired using Super O?

Thank you for your help

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Trainman, wiring the stockyard is the same, regardless of the track. The two accessory pieces of track are required to give the power and ground blades access to the car’s contacts. ( that wasn’t a problem with regular O and O27 track )  If you need a photo copy of the cattle yard instructions let me know. I’ll send a pdf file


Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply. I am working as a go between, as I am getting over Covid and trying to explain the details to my friend.

The Greenburg guide mentioned there were spacers that go under the special tracks, to compensate for height of the contacts mounted on the corral. I am ok with the wiring and I have the platform instructions.  However, the manner in which these tracks are mounted onto the corral is where there is a question.

Thanks Joe

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