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So I was tired of seeing Lionel offer new features in O and not in S.  I'm referring to WiFi, accessory remote activation and the Sensor track.  I started to get motivated when my R20 Fastrack Remote/Command Control switches arrived.  The command control was so easy to use with my Legacy control that I wanted to do more.  I have some Fastrack AF  Activation sections so  I purchased the ACS2 and was able to wire those sections in order to remote activate them with my Legacy controller.  Once I had that working I purchased the WiFi Legacy module.  Once set up I was able to download my Legacy database to the iPad using Lionel's free Legacy app.  It was actually easier to control the engine with the iPad app than with the Legacy controller. (I think they have an app for the iPhone as well).  Finally, I wanted the sensor track but none was available for S.  I went out and bought a O gauge sensor track and one AF Fastrack 5 inch section.  I disassembled the O gauge sensor track, took the boards out, drilled holes and made some cuts with a dremmil tool into the Flyer Fastrack.  I installed the board and finally installed the newly made Flyer sensor Fastrack.  Low and behold it all works.  So finally those sensors in my Flyer Legacy engines are now operational.  So now we can automate Flyer as well as O people can with their engines.  To be honest I am surprised that Lionel has not promoted that this was possible with American Flyer.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.


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I was with you up to the last item. The iPhone app is better for running engines, the iPad app controls the layout. The Legacy Flyer from Lionel is great. 

I was not aware any of the Legacy Flyer engines had the transmitters installed to activate the sensor tracks. If they do then I will be adding the sensors to my S gauge track. Can you elaborate on the functionality you are getting with the sensor and Flyer Legacy engines? Thanks for posting this. 



The new Flyer Legacy engines all have the Sensor under the Engine except the Y3 that has it under the Tender.  So far I have been trying the built in functions that come with the sensor track and they have all worked.  (i.e. Have the engine automatically blow it's horn or crew talk when it goes over the sensor etc.)  I have not yet tried the recording option but will do so this week.  I really love controlling the engines with my iPad.  So much easier compared to the Legacy controller especially for others not as familiar with the Legacy controller.


This kind of tinkering is great for S gauge.

I attended a seminar in Chicago a few years ago when Lionel first introduced the sensor track system.

I asked if the system would be put in the S gauge line and was told "No". That it wouldn't work.

At that time I had the Texas Special PA set and new that it had the module built in to it. I asked why it was installed in those engines when it would serve no purpose and got blank stares from the Lionel tech guys.

So your creation proves that it can be done. Lionel needs to be made aware of your efforts.

Forward your post to them at

Show them that the S gauge line is viable and that it should receive the same attention and innovation as the O gauge line.

Good work!


 PS please post some pictures or video if possible.




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