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What engine? Specific model number matters as this is half of the answer why you most likely have a problem.

Problem #1 is it's known that Lionel chose BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) nearfield communications modules in most engines and thus they have a limited range to the remote or app. When they lose communications, they stop.

From Lionel:

@Dave Olson posted:

The signal is only as good as the weakest link. So engines with BLE4.0, many being limited to around an average of 20 feet, will still be limited to 20 feet when being controlled by the Base3 with BLE5.0

Engines coming out with BLE5.0 will have much greater range. We have already done some range testing with BLE5.0 and it's a huge difference.

@Craftech posted:

But in checking that thread, there was no solution it seems.  See last post.

Correct, there's no solution!  If Lionel wanted to, they could offer a new BLE5.0 module to retrofit, but I wouldn't hold your breath for that to happen.

Now you know why I would never buy something that I had to control using BT.  Oddly, my TMCC/Legacy system works from anywhere in the room.

Its odd that if I have more than one engine moving only one will stall at a time. Some days none will stall at all or only one will have an issue. This must be a pairing issue. I believe that it an interference problem with other devices like cell phones and pads that are always looking for other BT devices on my home router.  All engines are Lionchief and LC+,   I wonder if the channels can be (static) and not change.

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Bluetooth is Bluetooth, you can't change the connection characteristics.  Bluetooth uses a technique called adaptive frequency hopping that allows it to work in the crowded 2.4ghz frequency spectrum and still make reliable connections.  However, the limited range of BLE4.0 is the sticking point, and that's not going to change without changing hardware on both ends.

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