I have a very early MTH set, Item no. 004, that I am looking to determine the value of.  It consists of a GG1 and associated cars and caboose. Original boxes and in very good condition. Have looked on line but no hits.  See pics. Thanks.


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You could post it to a popular online auction site with terms of "best offer."  My feeling is that anyone interested in modern trains wants the latest features (read: speed control!) and maybe more details and elaborate decoration.  Another reason folks pay big money for things is nostalgia.  Anyone who might have had your train as a kid (and there probably weren't many) would be 29 or 30 now and could be busy starting a family, saving money for a new car, vacation, etc.  They would be more likely to pay big money for an original Nintendo, so IMO what you have is a hard sell.

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

There is one listed on ebay for what Gilly said 275    Thats high if you ask me  A PS1 engine and a few Railking cars and I would think a more realistic price is about 200  You can see the set on page 31 of the 1996 Summer catalog with the PRR K4 in it

It's probably not a common thing, but I could see if there was a person who has become a big fan of MTH (who was not in the hobby back then to have purchased such a set when originally issued) who wanted to acquire an "early" item (it's been quite some time since that graphic style has been used), there could be interest. 

It's impossible to say what someone would pay (though checking eBay "completed" listings can help), but there may be some small number of people interested in owning such a set.

As others have said, for the pure nature of the train itself and the older technology, you will likely not find too many interested parties.


I have this set bought new at around full retail $300. I think with the box having great graphics $200 to $225 would be a fair price. I bought at least 2 sets maybe 3 back then. I know one was numbered 25 so they made a bunch of choices. I think they were made before the original proto-sounds.

Jim C


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