Vertically Integrated Industries on Your Layout

I would love to see some examples of vertically integrated industries on your layout.  

Whether you have a toy train theme or a detailed, scale, prototypical layout, having a connected industry or industries gives the layout purpose and a “job” to do.

For example:

Forest/lumberjacks -> Log Loader -> sawmill -> Lumberyard -> construction site(s)

Coal Mine -> Coal tipple -> powerplant or RR coaling tower

Oil field -> oil storage facility -> refinery -> diesel fueling station/vehicle gas stations


Which industries are on your layout?  Which levels of the industry do you model?  Where are the different stages of the industry located in relation to each other on your layout?  How do you like to operate your trains to service these industries?



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I am creating two vertical industries, but wish I had more.

Bread - First I have grain elevators - to the flour mill - next is the bakery - last is the food distribution warehouse.

Meat - First is the ice docks - then load at packing plant - then the food distribution warehouse.  I don't have cattle cars as I use trucks to bring cattle to packing plant, but that could easily be added to the chain.

A "meat train" composed of all iced reefers with fresh meat will have priority on the mainlines during operating sessions due to it's perish-ability.  I am modeling a real such train on the Milwaukee Road across Nortwest Iowa in the 1950's and '60's.  It ran from Sioux Falls, SD to Chicago, IL and picked up reefers at several packing plants along the way.  One of those plants was Spencer Packing Co. which I am modeling.  I am picking up my Spencer Packing Co. reefers at this weekend's train show.


  Ore taken from a mine shaft to metal processing, then made to steel pipe. Some pipe goes right back to the mine as petrolium, coal, and natural gas are a byproduct but gaining value. So it is piped or moved by tank car to fuel tanks and bins till needed by the railroads since there isn't much wood left to fire with.

The pasture holds soon to be edibles and and clothing textiles. Edibles were served at the local diner till some joker decided to turn it into a hobby shop. They are trying to drain the locals of the fallen silver and gold nuggets the locals collect from under and around the mines El. 

I mean, who really wants a diner dinner over a new model train anyhow 


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