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I was wondering how the set wear that have the Vestibules connecting the tin cars? Do these cars get scratched up from being connected this way? Any tips, like placing a very small piece of electrical tape or something else where they might rub. For example on a City of Denver set.





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As Arno says, felt works.  Go to the furniture slider section of your local hardware store or to you local craft store.  There you should find felt in various shapes and sheets, one side of which has an adhesive that can be exposed after peeling off a piece of paper.  You can use it as is or with the larger sheets cut them to the size you need with a pair of scissors.  Then just peel off the paper and stick the felt to the inside areas on your cars that are rubbing against your vestibules.




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You can make a non permanent solution as well, if you use the thin clear plastic sheets that are used for school paper report covers. You can get it at Staples.


Just cut it as tall as the vestibule sides and make a ring that fits around the vestibule, using tape or clear glue. Then cut some vent holes in it to let the heat of the bulbs escape.


Takes two seconds to slip on, and is completely reversible.

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