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* Part 1 of 2: The Two Demos: Run 4 cars, then 2 cars:
: . or .

* Part 2 of 2: The DETAILS: Detectors, Wiring diagram, Flow chart, Commands:
: . or .


* Drawings, Photos, & Commands for this Video 837 are in Google Drive Album 837, at .


* This Video 837 Pt. 1/2 ( demonstrates a DCC Programmable Model Train Controller (aka NCE Mini-Panel) operating 4 MTH Protosound-3 Brill Streetcars on a point-to-point, back-and-forth shuttle track of MTH Realtrax -- using two Z-Stuff infrared detectors, and no blocks (more details are below in Section E).

* The system is configured so that it can be used as a public display. It has a "public" pushbutton out in front, labeled "Push and Release. The public can use this public button to start the streetcars.

* A "REPEAT" switch controls whether the streetcars run just 1 cycle and stop, or whether they will keep running continuously.

* Atlas 205 slide switches is used to control whether all 4 streetcars run, or any combination from 1 to 3 cars.
* An Atlas 56 Momentary Switch is used for the "Start" and "Reset" functions.

* Two Z-Stuff DZ-1012 infrared detectors with DZ-1008 relays are used to detect when the trains enter the station area.
* The outputs of the relays are connected to Inputs 6 & 8 of the Controller.



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@boomer0622 posted:

Wow, very informative videos.  Setting up the time delays for stopping looks like it may have been a challenge.  It looks like a fun display.

Thanks for sharing.

* Time delays are fairly easy to set up -- just use a "Delay" statement (for example, "Delay 20" gives you 5 seconds delay, if you use the 1/4 second interval).
* The AMOUNT of the delay is a trial-and-error process.
* For a good "first estimate", you can run the streetcar manually at the desired speed, and measure the time with your iPhone's stopwatch.

@ScoutingDad posted:

@James Ingram  James ... I am really Google Drive Challenged. I am planning to do a point to point with a Western Hobbycraft Trolley and perhaps a K-Line interurban.  I presume you installed DCC on these trolleys (if they were not there)  You used an NCE MiniPanel to control a path.  Any other things needed? I am clueless at present regarding DCC.

* Hopefully you can VIEW the info in the Google Drive album ?? Just clicking that link, SHOULD open it for you.
* DCC Operation:  All MTH Proto-3 locos & streetcars will run on DCC. The Premier's have the DCC/DCS switch; for the Railking, you just need to either install a switch or cut a wire inside (discussed in Part 2 at the 13:43 point

( ).
* Note I also attempted to make a "Getting Started" series, that begins here:

* In the earlier year 2021 Video 833 ,
we used the Mini-Panel to control 2 ANALOG (non-DCC) Chuggington locos -- by having the Mini-Panel operate the turnouts, and control relays to turn 2 blocks on and off.

* But I found that seems to be a more CUMBERSOME method.
You could probably do that relay-type-control more efficiently with an Arduino than an NCE Mini-Panel, but I don't know how to use the Arduino .
* I suggest you contact me sometime -- if you can find TIME, and I can try to answer any questions you have on the phone (contact info at   ).  That's assuming my hearing aids are working properly that day .

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@James Ingram  James, thanks for the info. I was able to open all the Google Drive docs and PDFs.  I was a matter of what is relevant to what I want to do.  Does your email start with the "whois.." - does not quite look like an email address. I'll send a private message.

I am in the middle of building a new layout which is taking more time than I anticipated. At some point I am going to add a 2 rail trolley line down the middle of the town street. Whether this will be traditional 2 rail operation or powered from an overhead catenary, I have not decided as yet. But I suspect I can keep my costs down by leaving the trucks 3R and using  their poles. Both trolleys have reversing units but that is it. I am considering installing the new Blunami board to run these off Bluetooth and/or DCC.  I would want the trolleys to start and stop at different locations similar to how the MTH streetcars can be programmed.  Jeff

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