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This weekend, I decided to run my Lionel standard gauge Hiawatha. The engine weighs about 27lbs. and makes my 400E and 408E feel like light weights! Due to clearance/overhang issues, I remove my tunnel and do not run the trains on my inner loop when the Hiawatha is running. With it's 2 Pittman motors, the Hiawatha is a very smooth runner.

Eric Hofberg



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Thank you for posting the nice photos and videos of your layouts . The Hiawatha is a beautiful train ... Lionel's first "new" standard gauge design since 1933 with the 385.   At the $2200.00 retail price and it's "more" prototypical look it frightened some potential buyers off ...causing a flooding of the market    of unsold sets and a slashing of prices .  I think Lionel over estimated the market for a new designed standard gauge train.   Does any one know the production numbers produced of the Hiawatha and Commodore sets?

 The set was sold with 4 cars which makes for a very impressive and long train for mere mortals with home layouts ...but check out the below links of the 2011 SGMA layout in Pittsburgh ...and see how wonderful an eight car train looks on a really big layout ... notice engine has no problem pulling  the load .


Note all the other wonderful "modern" era standard gauge being run and displayed .


Last link an incredible layout near Allentown ..that was featured on the 2014 TCA layout tours ....   wait for the photogenic run- bys  of the various Standard Gauge giants ..including the   Hiawatha .

Cheers Carey

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