Here are my ideas for a small PORTABLE-STORABLE Electric Train Layout

Love it, I have a soft spot for old Marx stuff. The crane with the magnet, did you modify a gantry crane to have the switch and magnet? Looks great.

-Ed, O-27 trains and track, building out our little train empire one piece at a time.



Fantastic I would love to build a similar folding layout to run and display my small HO Tyco collection.

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Aldovar posted:

Love it, I have a soft spot for old Marx stuff. The crane with the magnet, did you modify a gantry crane to have the switch and magnet? Looks great.

Yes, I added the magnet to the Marx crane.  I removed the electromagnet from a Lionel 027 uncoupling track section, added the toggle switch to the top of the cab and mounted a 2-AAA battery box underneath the frame.

David Dearborn, MI

I see a lot of nostalgia in that layout.  As a young boy I didn't have much change so I purchased many Louis Marx accessories, as they cost less . This layout reminds me of what they may have had at the local hardware store. Nice job and ingenious design. It evokes a true Christmas spirit and displays some of the best examples made by this historic old toy company.

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David,  great job on the layout.  I really like the time lapse build up of the construction phase and the fold out design - very creative and well done.  My favorite accessories are the banjo signal and the railroad crossing - they bring back a lot of memories.  Enjoy your Marx layout.  Thanks for sharing it with us.



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Popi posted:

Dave knows how to have fun with toy trains!!!


what is the manufacturer of the plastic cars and trucks??



I would really like to use Marx stamped metal vehicles from the past, but they are very collectible and the prices are outrageous.  So I was looking around to find vehicles that would look good on my toy like Marx O-gauge layout.  All of the plastic cars and trucks are called "Dimestore Dreams" or "American Dimestore".  They are retro looking 1940's and 50's from a company called Binary Arts.  I believe the company is out of business, but you can still find lots of them on Ebay.  Here is a link to all of the vehicles that were available:


David Dearborn, MI

This is a fun and fantastic layout.

I examined the folding table construction design elements from the still pictures. Can you explain how the modular bases are made and mounted, and and how the electrical contact is made from the brass tabs to the accessories and including the materials used? 


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