Video of the NYC 1928-1929 with sound.

Great video.  But I'm VERY skeptical about it being actual sound and not dubbed in.




2 Rails?  3 Rails?  Doesn't matter, I can't count that high anyway.

Every time I try and make snow angels in the fresh snow, I get struck by lightning.

Is someone trying to tell me something?

Very cool. I especially like the bridge crossing watching the cars sway back and forth wobbling about. Trains always have to slow down on bridges and I don't think people who don't pay any mind to trains don't know this. Don't want the bridges falling apart with an engine with a full head of steam flying off the rails 

I'm very impressed that it has original sound. Even footage of NKP 759 in operation for Ross Rowland often just has a sound clip of another locomotive dubbed in. The video quality is even more stunning. The person who uploaded this video also has several other videos of vintage steam in revenue service with original sound.


"With a diesel, it's another train; with a steam locomotive, it's a happening!" - Walt Disney

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