Video of Wes Moreland's Chicago L and Streetcar layout in 1/4" scale

This was mentioned in the most recent entry in the blog, so I took a look. Mr. Moreland is in Houston, and his 10' x 16' layout is modeled on the Ravenswood L and the Lincoln Ave./Southport area in the 1940s. The streetcars run off the overhead. The video is just over 4 minutes in length, and there are a couple of interesting outtakes at the end. 








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True model railroad artistry.   Outstanding realistic recreation of 1930's Chicago.  When I grew up in NYC streetcars were already gone but it must have been nice to reach any part of NY by subway and/or trolley.

Builder of the Hill Lines ( New Delta Lines). Recreating history for the model RR community.

 I regularly ride the Ravenswood (Brown) line and the infrastructure is perfect - the gooseneck lamps at the station, the detrius under the tracks, the plank walkways. Viewing this encourages me to visit the Illinois Railway Museum when it opens to ride that CSL trolley! Thank you for sharing this!

Great, thanks for sharing.

Dan Padova


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