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I spoke with Vince yesterday and confirmed we will be back at York in April with a larger booth!

Orange Hall GG3, located on the far back of the aisle

While I do not have a list of inventory, there will be both MTH and Lionel engines. Also  the remaining inventory of Train Pop’s large collection of engines,  along with many MTH and Lionel buildings and bridges, never out the box.

We look forward to seeing you all!9D9C722A-F72C-41AC-96EB-FA870283EEBA


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Are you renting your own private jet to haul the goods westward bound? Might be cheaper than using UPS! Lol!
See you and Lynley in a few weeks.

Ted, the private jet is too small to haul my York treasures. I’m still working on the logistics but I may have to deploy a transport plane out of Miramar!  Still cheaper than UPS!

Lynley says ‘hi’. See you in a couple weeks!

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@Trains4Me2 posted:

Brian I have your section of must haves in the trailer already labeled. The real questions are what time for Latucas and who has the best steaks. Looking forward to seeing you and Lynley again. It's been way too long!!


Thank you, my friend!  We’ll be ready for Latucca’s whenever you’re available. The steaks are always up for debate!

We’re looking forward to seeing you guys too.

As a reminder to everyone, Vince’s booth will open as soon as I inspect it for safety on Thursday afternoon!  Time frame is pending. I strive for a safe environment for all my fellow OGR members!

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So, I’m heading out the door to meet Vince for a stop at to pick up what will fit in the remaining space in the trailer, and he texts me saying he might have 7 more top line Lionel steamers, Visionline, & Legacy,….and a couple big MTH Premier steam….

Okay,… what are they?

Oh, you see when we set up.

I can’t even get a preview,… other than these will get a lot of attention. Thanks, buddy!

Quick peek guys.....  125k inventory.   6 Vision line steam. Many Legacy Steam and Diesel. MTH steam and diesel in proto 2 and 3 ..yes many.  Weaver brass. A few Atlas. I emptied most of my K-line vault. 15,18,21 inch cars. 2,4,6,8 packs..  how about aluminum NYC, SF, Lackawanna, CSX, New Haven, Texas Special, Midnight Chief, Lionel accessories...about 50 of them.....6 pages of inventory

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