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Wondering if someone can identify this WP-PFE reefer, or any of the parts if it's scratch-built. A friend gifted it to me, sans wheels. It has a wood body, card-IMG_20200430_172806stock sides, and some metal detail parts. I adapted it to O-gauge with Marx 3/16 trucks. The SP-PFE reefer is a Marx tin 3/16 car for comparison.


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Checking the NASG website of the older manufactures, the closest I could come by is Cleveland (C-D Models.)

The car above is also at the mercy of the builder's abilities, and he may have just used the sides or built up a kit.  The car's construction comes close, but not exact to the one pictured on the NASG site, which was built by a modeler that super-detailed his equipment.


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