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Is there any secret to keeping the (impossible to connect) sound tether from my VL Challenger 6-11210 to the Tender connected?

It’s nearly impossible to get my oversize fingers in there to connect it in the first place - or am I doing something wrong?

Should I just use the electrical tape or micro zip tie it? It appears to have adequate slack so I don’t think that’s the issue?



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OK, the problem appear to be the drawbar is riding up in the tender slot, not the connector coming loose.

Two things to consider:

  • Slightly form the locomotive hook with a bit more than a 90 degree bend so it tends to stay seated.  You might also bend the locomotive drawbar down a bit near the other end to put a little more spring force on the hook connection.
  • Wrap a collar of some kind around that little section of the cable right at the connector so it holds the connector in place.
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