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Hey all,

  I was recently completing normal maintenance on some engines when my Vision Line Genset took on a life of its own.  Maintenance consisted of a dot of oil on the rollers and axels, dot of grease in the gears and add a little smoke fluid.  This is the first time this engine has seen daylight in six months (since the last maintenance).  Total run time on this engine in the 10 plus years since I purchased it new is less than 2hrs.  As soon as I try to put it into reverse or turn on the smoke the reverse function quits and the you lose forward and reverse. Smoke and sound also go intermittent.   I completed the reset/reprogram that is in the instruction manual multiple times with no joy.  It will run in forward but as soon as you hit any key it’s back to bad.   Anyone know a trick or am I boxing it up off to Lionel?  
  Thanks in advance, your time and advice is appreciated.


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Keith, try running you genset in conventional only.   Turn off/unplug the Legacy.   Verify the forward, reverse works so we know the motherboard and driver board (DCDS)and connections are sat.  If that works sat then the focus will need to be on radio board (R4LC) and connections. I have worked on one of these they are a bit of a challenge.   For me a broken wire/conductor between R4LC and motherboard was causing similar issues.

Anyone know a trick or am I boxing it up off to Lionel? 

I can't help you on anything related to these high end products. This much I do know: You're not sending it back to Lionel, because they don't service any product outside of the warranty period which you are clearly long out of.

If people here can't talk you to a solution, then your only option is to send it to a qualified service tech who works on these sorts of products, of which there are a few on this forum.

  Thank’s for the advice all!  I will try the conventional test asap.  Shame about Lionel not handling any more service issues that aren’t warranty!  If anyone knows of a service center they can recommend and a rough guesstimate on cost please give me a shout.  I will keep the thread alive with results as they come in.  Best to all 🚂

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