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Hello everyone,

I bought something a little unusual for my mostly eastern railroad collection and pulled the trigger on a new Lionel Vision Line GS-3. Overall I am very pleased with this engine. So far I have not noticed any issues. I did have a problem upon startup with the tender not outputting any sound, but after a quick drawbar adjustment that seems to have been fixed. The new features are exceptional and I particularly like that the number boards display the train number (in this case 23) instead of the engine's number. To my eyes the colors seem accurate. Will be anxious to see how previous runs of cars match up. If anything, this locomotive is on the lighter side color wise, but to me it checks out.




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That is a beautiful engine! I picked up my GS-4 a week ago and I am also very pleased with it too. I was running it and the engine stopped working randomly as it was going around my track. I tried turning the engine back on and the tender came on just fine but the engine only had the engine number boards on. I can't get it to run at the moment but I'm working on trying to get it to run again. I was thinking it was the drawbar that had to be adjusted but that didn't do much.

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