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Hi everybody,

So, a 3-pack of the Vision Line PRR steel-sided reefer cars just arrived at my house and after inspecting them, I have 2 questions:

1.  Only 1 side of 1 of the 3 car has freely opening doors.  Do these cars usually have unusually tight hinges that make the door not want to open without coming off their hinges?

2.  I am going to put kadees on them so I was inspecting one of the trucks to see how hard it would be to remove the O gauge coupler.  It appears if the truck is disassembled then the coupler assembly can be removed without the use of a dremel.  Is this correct?

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@zhubl posted:

I know the older sets the couplers were riveted to the truck. I haven’t paid any attention to the newer sets. I thought they had a way to mount Kadee’s but I do that so I’ll have to look. As far as the doors it depends I’ve had some that open real nice and others not so much

Yeah, I took a look at mine after unscrewing them and the mount "looks" like it separates but until I know for sure I don't wanna take it apart because a) the way the truck was designed makes it hard to tell and b) I don't like dealing with those springs.

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