I have the Vision Steel Sided Refrigerator Car set I found online from a HS.  Got it today, but found that while it does the normal motion squealing sounds, I cannot get the electrocoupler to fire, nor get any crew chatter (loading/unloading).  

I have it configured as Freight and it's been put into a train consist, so pressing TrainLink, then selecting the reefer, and choosing the unload.... produces no results.

Addressing it directly through the engine ## menu.... same. No electrocoupler. No talk.

Any thoughts on this one?   

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Dave, thanks. Min/Max set to Max.  

BUT..... when I put the car back on the track, I tried to reprogram it again, and this time, I got crew chatter and my eletrocoupler operational!   I think the real issue I'm having is that there is, at best, intermittent continuity with track power .... it's cutting out a lot as it rolls down the track,  although my engine in the built train or other cars that have lights don't have this issue.  (i.e., not dirty track).

Is there anything to check here to improve power pickup?

Cleaning the pickups and wheels is a start.  I'd also look at the connection between the trucks and the frame, I don't know if that car has a wire direct from the trucks for the outside rails.  Also, make sure both pickups are connected measure the resistance between the two center track rollers.

Finally, you can consider adding my YLB - RailSounds Battery Replacement (RS-Lite) battery to the car to ride over the power interruptions.

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