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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gerry and Sue Morlitz for their great hospitality to see their RR. To sum it up in one word.WOW! The rr is fun,whimsy and trains! The layout is lights,animation ,moving vehicles, trolleys and multi train operation.And Gerry also collects hats and they have deer in their yard by the herd.Here are a few photos. And OGR this deserves an article and video!



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Thank you guys for coming and the nice words. Sue and I had a really nice time with a great bunch of people. As I told everyone there, many, many thanks to Bob DeGuarde for all of his help. Steve Maier and Mike Caruso have also assisted.

Alex, I was really sorry that you and Dina couldn't make it. Let me know when a trip up works for you. We would love to have you over. The 30th Street Station, Dunkin Donuts eatery and Hershey's engine you created for me were all very much on display.

Although I love being a NJ HiRailer, with that great scale layout, my layout is anything but scale. I love the whimsical and green painted plywood reminds me of the way it was in the 1950's. 

Best thing is having great people over.


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I love the "whimsy".  The combination of different types of structures (ceramic, kits, scratchbuild, tinplate, Cinderella's Castle no less), a great amusement park or carnival, and some of those wonderful paint schemes that are so disturbing to the scale enthusiasts among us, the NYC GG1, pink F units, pastel cabooses.

Oh and Alex did do an amazing job on that vintage Dunkin Donuts.

Great layout Gerry.

A special thanks to you guys for being there. And much thanks to Don & Chris for taking the pictures. I particularly like the one of John G. holding Thomas and the remote. He's a BIG steam guy at the club, and Pacifics are far beneath him. So to get him with Thomas is fantastic.

But you guys were an easy crowd. You're all pretty much train pros, so if I had any challenges I know you could rise to the occasion and help. The crowd today was a MUCH TOUGHER crowd and probably spent about as much time running the trains as you did. Four of them, at one point running 4 separate trains. And running under the layout, around the layout, etc. IMO, is what its all about.

This is called BRATS RR. My wife sometimes calls me a brat. But my children were kind enough to provide Becca, Rory, Alix, Theo and Sami. Since Alix is only about a half year old, she wasn't in on the train room mayhem today, but the other 4 were. And they had a great time.


Kids in front of train shelves 2017-04-14Becca & Gerry train room 2017-04-14


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  • Becca & Gerry train room 2017-04-14

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