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As an 11 year old boy coming full bore into this hobby, my enthusiasm was thru the roof and in the 1960's RMC and MR were the monthly bibles for me to study model railroading and O gauge railroading. And the RR that caught my eye was the New York Society of Model Engineers O Scale RR with its outside third rail track and operating catenary system and large long trains. Back then when I saw they had an open house I asked my dad if he would take the drive to let me see it in person. And Yes he did! Fast forward 50 years and got the chance to see the club again! They now use two rail and have a portion of the line with catenary and operate using DCS. The club is a piece of O gauge history and stood the test of time, a tribute to its membership! Its celebrating 90 years and also has a great HO layout with an operating hump yard which impressed me even at age 11. And I got the chance to meet forum member Michael Pitogo and many of the club members. Here are some photos enjoy!

















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Thanks.  Good memories.  I first visited the layout in the early 1970's while living on the Jersey Shore (Belmar).  I think it was still outside 3rd Rail.  Not sure.  Next trip was during the 2012 National O Scale Convention in NJ.   What a privilege and inspiration both times.  Yep, Pitago was there in 2012, too.  And I got lucky as there was an empty seat at the O Scale Magazine table at the banquet.   Joe G was still with us and he and Janie and the whole crew were there.  They were very friendly and accepting of a plain old rank and file O scaler -- as was the NYSME crew who hosted the convention.  Good memories indeed. 



This is a historic layout that dates back to the 1940's in Manhattan when I believe it was located near Times Square. Rents were affordable back then and model railroading was an extremely popular hobby.  From what I can determine the layout was moved about three times and has undergone many changes.  The guys that started this club are most likely all gone by now but its great to know that a new group has preserved and maintained the layout.

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