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What’s the scale on this diagram?   Anyone familiar with this particular software?  Are the squares 1 ft. or 2?  Thanks.

Mike the squares are one foot. The layout overall size is 26 x 17.

The final track plan was just a tad different in the engine servicing area because of turnout size and space available, since the roundhouse was the priority. The diesel shed ended up being turned 90 degrees and I made one large shed instead of two small ones.

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The "service" side of the layout is 17' wide but the "mountain" side is 14' wide as we had to leave an aisle in the back to access the windows in the living room. I think that aisle is 30+" if I remember correctly, although it does not look that wide from this photo. We're big guys, so 24" wasn't gonna cut it.


The Postwar F Units are my Dad's, bought by his dad in the 50's. After years of being stored in boxes and moved from Ohio to Arizona in 1977, from Arizona to New Mexico in 1986, and then finally to CA in 1989. A couple years before we built the layout, I rebuilt and repainted and the F units... only to go back into boxes. They are what helped me convince my mom and dad to build a layout in their dining room and living room. OK, 99.9% of the convincing was directed at my mom.


The "Carpet Central" got those repainted/rebuilt F units out of the box again and started an adventure.....

The "service" side of the layout before construction


The "mountain" side before construction.


The layout was built tall, so the pony walls shown in the above photos became display shelves for my dad's postwar, Marx, and MPC era trains.


2 lift out bridges span the gap between those old pony walls that became the entrance to the layout.


Just a little story behind the layout for those who never seen it on here before.


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