VL Challenger smoke units anemic output

Ed, the leads coming out of the board are perpendicular to the board.  Obviously, the resistor itself is parallel with the board.  My point was, it should be straight down from the attach points.

Gents, I was asked to report on results of my efforts to get smoke out of my Challenger.  I'm happy to report that I was successful. It doesn't smoke like the Bill Yates Challenger in the YouTube video I posted originally, but, I have smoke, you can actually see and video ...hoo ray!  I'm satisfied.  I replaced the batting. Drenched it with Lionel Premium smoke fluid before I buttoned her up. Aligned the resistors as suggested by GUNRUNNERJOHN. I made sure the batting didn't block the airflow into the chamber, or from the fans.  I also employed the Mike Reagan tip:  activate the blowdown for about 10 seconds, wait about 10 seconds (this allows the resistor's heat from the initial activation to build up smoke in the chamber) then light her up again.  Worked. Here's the proof. Oh, I also ran the Challenger for about 5 minutes at a medium rate of speed for about 5 minutes before I activated the blowdown.  Not sure if that made a difference but it did help main stack and whistle steam.  Thanks for everyone's help.



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Challenger Blowdown-Innectors
Challenger Dynamo Smoke

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