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Hi all.  The last time before last night I was having some intermittent pantograph and sound control.  Yesterday no pantographs and the sound seemed like it was operating in convention.  Couplers, drive, direction, and smoke and lighting seems to be functioning as it should.  I want to open it up and at least see what might be happening.  Does anyone have to board layouts?  Is there a common board to these 2 issues?  I did try a reset.

Thanks as always

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@Joe Fermani posted:

When I repaired my JLC GG-1. I laid it on its side on top of a soft cloth. That gave full access to all the screws.  I then carefully put it back up and removed the shell. I would be cautious about resting it upside down to remove the screws. That sounds like a really easy way to mess up the pans.

I've worked on a lot of the JLC models as well as a bunch of the MTH models.  I just set them gently in the cradle on the pans, never had any issue that way.  You do have to make sure that the Lionel models have the pans down, the MTH pans are spring loaded and you can just push them down and latch them.

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