have bin going back Abd forth on this thins does anybody know the wattage on the speaker on this thing it is 8 ohm 

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Maybe you could tell us the manufacturer and model of this locomotive?  In general, the wattage of the 8 ohm speakers used in O-gauge models ranges from around half a watt to 4-5 watts.  I think it's mostly dependent on what the manufacturer can find in the form factor needed.

Perhaps if you told us the exact measurements of the speaker, and "horrors", maybe even a picture, we could be more help.

weaver model# 1563lp with rail sounds and tmcc 

the speaker is 1.25 inch or 30 mm diameter  it has letters on it they  are H E C3041mm 8 ohm the wires go into the inside of the thing and are glued in 

i got a speaker ordered but I found out that the sound  switch was in backwards so when it said on it was really off learn something new every day??

Part of the speaker failure  problem was the TMCC system applied full sound, at engine start up, unless there was a sound control pot that cut the sound.  Atlas SW's had no sound adjustment other than with the Cab1 remote.   I've replaced several speakers.   SW wafer speaker.

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