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I have a post war brakeman car and am having some issues with it.  The car came with the two sets of trip mechanisms, which seem to work fine.  I purchased some reproduction trips and telltales recently.  These don't seem as reliable as the originals.  I am operating on "O" gauge track and have checked to make sure I purchased the correct contact strips.  

I checked the spacing of the contact rails against the originals and they are a perfect match, as is the height.  The only difference, and is it ever so slight, is in the gauge of the metal.  The repress are just a hair thinner than the originals.  

So as the car is moving on the track and hits one of the reproduction trips, it may or may not operate the brakeman.

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Yes it has the white slider.  I was just doing some more testing and the original contact strips work flawlessly.  I tried the reproduction trips again with mixed results.  Then I thought the report contacts were not quite high enough, so I bent the bottom plate ever so slightly so that the contact rails would be a bit higher. This didn't seem to help either.  

M. Mitchell Marmel posted:

Double check the contact top alignment to make sure they match the originals.  If they're out of line slightly, operation will be erratic.  Also, make sure the wiring in the car and both the slider and pickup wheels are clean. 


Erratic operation is exactly what is happening.  I have already tried bending the base plates ever so slightly in order to keep the tops of the contact rails up as high as possible.  But what I noticed is that the contact rail piece is sloping toward one end.

I think I might try to bolster the contact rails from below.  I'll have to put a piece of tape on the bottom portion of the contact rail piece to keep it from shorting on the center rail.  

I did a bit more experimenting with the brakeman trip mechanisms today.  As I thought, the contact blades were a hair lower than they should have been.  I bent the tabs downward ever so slightly with a flat screwdriver.  I also inserted some card stock, doubled up, between the baseplate and the blades.  This raised the blades enough so that now the brakeman isn't bumping his head on the bridge.....LOL  After several circuits around the layout, all seems to be working well.

I would like to add that, Paul Misuriello was kind enough to call me today to discuss the issue.  I had purchased the parts from him, Train Worx, at the Allentown meet a couple of weeks ago.  My experience at his table, was a good one also.  He has everything displayed so that anyone can quickly find any part they are looking for.  

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