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I have noticed that these connectors seem flimsy.  Example:  The levers pop up at times and don't stay down and locked very well.  I have tried them with tinned wire and plain wire.  Usually 18 AWG stranded copper.

Yes, mine are genuine.  They have the logo on them.

They do fit under FasTrack which is nice.


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Nope, I didn't tin any wires, and I can't imagine why that would be necessary.  The lever nuts clamp each wire individually, that's why they work on a wide range of wire sizes.

Maybe I am being too critical.  I was using XHF Compact Slicing Connectors in electrical boxes instead of wire nuts before this.  But for layouts they are too thick to fit under FasTrack.  The levers on the XHF really lock down hard by comparison. 

I am sure the WAGO lever connectors will be fine (with un-tinned wire to boot).

Thanks for the insight,


@SteveH posted:

There is a metal spring clamp inside the Wego lever connectors that holds the wire. The lever only releases tension on the spring clamp inside the connector when pulled up. When a larger wire is inserted into the connector, there is slack on the lever. This does not mean that the wire would be loose.

OK.  I was expecting that the lever would stay all the way down at all times.



@gunrunnerjohn  The ones I have and I think Craftech has are the low profile versions (purchased in store at Menards in the electrical section):

Wago Lever Nuts

They average about 0.32" thick (a hair over 5/16) and fit nicely under FasTrack roadbed if you avoid putting them under the rail tabs.

@Craftech If you need the levers to stay closed temporarily, a thin half wrap of tape should hold the levers down while you attach the roadbed to the base.


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  • Wago Lever Nuts
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There's hundreds of Youtube videos, some stating they are junk and you should never use them, others say the next best thing and say good by to wire nuts.  They are approved for home wiring and UL approved.  I have not used them with stranded wire or the layout but have used them for the train room lighting fixtures.   I'll never go back to wire nuts.

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