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Well, I didn't know how they were powered, but I do know that the folks at Strasburg had worked on at least one Disney engine that was in the shops in 2019.

Tweetsie Railroad's shops at Blowing Rock, NC used to do a lot of Disney steam work in the past, but apparently hasn't in a while.

Of course, they couldn't name the Corprorate Mouse by name.

I took the WDW steam tour in 2010, it was great (if you ever do it, BAIL from the tour once it gets to Maintstreet Station, as it regressed into a insomnia-busting lecture of Disney railroad history when we did it).

@smd4 posted:

But isn't that one of the reasons for taking the tour in the first place?

Yes, but it was drier than I would have thought possible and went ON AND ON. I was bored as I've been since my school days and I normally find this a very interesting subject.

Several people were dead asleep. I felt bad for making my wife endure it as long as she did. Her and my parents gave up and walked out after a while. I didn't make it much longer.

I tell people now that if you go, detach once they have the bathroom break at the depot and go on with your day as you've already had the interesting part.

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