Walthers Cornerstone O scale Five Star Service Kit vs. built-up Dave's Super Service

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I have the Walthers Cornerstone O scale built-up "Dave's Super Service" that I'd like to repaint in Texaco colors.  Tonight I noticed on the auction site what appears to be a kit version of this structure, called Five Star Service (see image of the kit box below.)  Does anyone know if these two structures are the same?  This kit sure looks like the built-up.  I would rather paint a kit and then assemble it than to try to paint my existing structure (or worse, try to disassemble, paint, and reassemble it.)  My scenery base for this structure has significant wiring built-in and it would save me a lot of work if I could just plop the new station onto the footprint of the old.

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The one I have, has stickers/heavy decals that were added to the sign/windows/gas pumps etc.  The foggy head seems to think there were two sets of stickers, one Dave's and one Five Star.  Some of the stickers on mine, the smaller ones, above the doors, are Dave's Five Star.   A built-up pictured.


Yes....they are the same structure. For a little while, Walthers made both the "built-up" version and also the kits. Too bad they are no longer in the "O Gauge" side of the business. I really liked their structures.

Here is my "Dave's" I turned into an ESSO gas station. It was a "built-up" that I broke apart to paint and customize.






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I have modified a few of these. Usually I punch out all the windows including the front desk one and replace with better looking Grandt Line windows plus thicker plastic for the front.. A few sample pictures are below.

You can also purchase interior detail parts from Berkshire Valley

Amoco Gas Station 1

Amoco Gas Station 3


Carmichael Product 001Carmichael Product 002

Gas Station _ Amoco 4

Gas Station _ Amoco 5

Gas Station _ Amoco

Shell Gas Station 003r


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I have a very nice kit built Berkshire Texaco station on the layout - but the rectangular hanging sign that came with it is dates to earlier era than the building.    It appears that the Walthers gas station post is close in style to a 1950's Texaco one.  Does anyone have a Walthers signpost that is excess to your needs??


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