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Hello Sam; think I have what you are looking for. CP Weaver 21 inch in excellent condition Purchased from Just Trains a number of years ago. I no longer have the Weaver box that they came in so would have to get FedEx to make one. This is the 5 car set with green film in the windows. $200.00 + the price of the box + shipping. Please advise.

Thank you

Bart Zuccala

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Recently purchased these older Williams by Bachman passenger cars.  Bachman wasn’t much help on finding out what I actually gave but said they were 20 to 25 years old.  They have small couplers compared to my other O ga rolling stock.  I’m a novice just getting started so if anyone is able to identify I’d appreciate any info you can possibly share.  A436C9D2-71B2-43C3-8959-E17785C25A24           


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