It's a big ask I know due to where I live, but I have to try.

I am looking for an Old Atlas (70's) C&O diesel like in the photo if it doesn't run no worries just need the body and frame in good condition.

I want to make a matching pair to run the Hot Metal train around to Valley Forge. I'm not a painter so I have to try and find Factory paint jobs.

I can pay with Pay Pal or credit card as I am in West Australia and the shipping will be much more than the Loco is worth but that's life.

If anybody does answer be patient with me as we are having lots of problems in the area with the internet, we are getting a high speed broadband sooner or later maybe 12 months time and there are lots of disruptions at the moment. Thanks Roo.




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I have one in Union Pacific that you can have gratis, as in $0.00. There is however, a catch.......I have stuff in multiple locations, and I am not sure I can find it. Let me look a bit and I will get back to you here on this thread. I do recall that it is missing the horns, but I think it is otherwise OK. Those engines are F9's, and were made by Roco.

Simon the disorganized


I appreciate your offer mate, but I already have one in Union Pacific what I want is another C&O and yes I know what you mean about being disorganised which is why yesterday I took a car load of books and O scale items I don't need anymore and gave the lot to the Local club I am finally cleaning the place up! 

  Thanks Roo.


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I moved this to the want to buy category since that is where it belonged...also all discussion was either deleted or edited since this is not a discussion forum.....  If you would like to post what you are doing in your workbench/layout area, then please start a separate thread....thanks!

Sorry about that, first time I have posted a wanted item ever, anywhere, usually do my own research, didn't realise there was a separate category. Roo.

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