Not certain of what is out there now, but Atlas O has announced their 21" Horizon cars (will run on 0-54 curves), one roadname of which is NJ Transit. Looks like seven car numbers, including a cab-control car will be produced. If you know a dealer that carries Atlas O, pre-orders are due in August, with deliveries tentatively scheduled for first quarter 2020.

There have been previous production runs of these cars, but their availability is something for others to testify to, as I haven't looked around for them since getting mine many years ago. In the same vein, MTH made NJT versions of their Bombardier double-deckers, but those have little in common with NJT's multilevels, if that is something that concerns you. They might be easier to find for this reason, though.



I checked and have the Atlas 3 pack set with cars 5137, 5610, 5664. Also, have 2 Atlas Alp-44 engines, 4402 and 4405. Only way I will sell is all 5 pieces at once. Did see Trainz on ebay with the 3 car set at 374.99. I will sell both engines complete with locomatic control box which never was used and Atlas boxes for $300. 

If you are interested in everything, you can make me a reasonable offer.

Thank you, Ted

Ted Bertiger, President

Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J.


If u want to pre-order some new atlas cars...

Also might have some MTH ALP-46's here, IDK.  Also have some custom painted NJT Atlas diesels.  We had some Atlas SDP-35's painted NJT. It was as close to a GP-40P as we cud find.  No one has made a GP-40P in O gauge...


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