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I searched the MTH website Product Locator page and came up with these three versions of Owner's Manuals.  The one with your product number is for a "Pioneer Zephyr" (a Burlington train), but I did find two others with different product numbers for the "Flying Yankee" (a B&M train).  Not sure any of this will help you, but it might.

Curious, do you have the box for your product and does it have that MTH part number and name on the box?



hi Chuck

thanks!   I put the # into their site and came up empty so you are a better searcher than I am!

Yes, I have the box.  That is where I got 20-2887-1.  I believe it is a B&M - Maine Central designation on the train itself. I can check  (am not where the set is as I type this.)

thanks again for your help!

          Searchless in Seattle

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