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I am in the process of acquiring a Lionel Alco S-2 diesel switcher that I want to have repainted in Weirton Steel livery of the 1950s.  I want to transform this:


into this (with different road # of course):

S-2 & slag cars

I am looking for a locomotive painter who is a superb craftsman and does meticulous work and is reasonably quick (6 months or less). The work will involve (at a minimum):

  • Safety striping
  • New smokestack
  • New numbering and lettering

If you know of someone, please respond to this post or send me e-mail.




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  • S-2 & slag cars
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HI - Cool topic.

I would like to know about the cost involved to paint a locomotive by CJB Custom Painting. This information would be helpful for setting up my train room budget for the upcoming model train season.


Seems like the best way to get that kind of information would be to contact CLB directly...

Mark in Oregon

PS: a quick look at the link given shows she does terrific work!

OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
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