BMT-Express posted:

More like a shipping problem than a manufacturing problem.  

I don't believe mine was shipping related.  Inoperable coupler but there was nothing loose and no visible damage.  The packaging was absolutely perfect.  The coupler just didn't work.


Eccentric Crank posted:

All my SD40-2s received have the porch frames seriously warped upwards.  No way to fix these ever.

Warped SD40-2

I have a Lionel CSX SD-40-2 from some few years ago. The frame is straight. I just looked at it a bit (hard to get to at the moment), and the frame appears to be sheet steel, the common construction method for O diesels, pretty much forever in the modern era, covered with a plastic diamond non-slip surface.

This sheet steel can be easily bent (in shipping or even by the packaging method itself), and bent back into shape with, usually, careful hand pressure. This steel is relatively malleable. I have corrected the bent frame issue before on some Atlas SD40's (of all things) with some judicious pressure.

This may not be your answer; I have never had to work on my Lionel SD40-2, but it certainly has happened to me here and there with other pieces. 

Can anyone determine from the website of replacement parts whether the frames are indeed the same between the current model and the ones made a few years ago?  The current release is the first production run of SD40s to have kinematic pilots.  Wondering if it's a new part, and what other changes were made.  I've seen a handful of photos on this Forum, Facebook, etc., with bent frames.  Too many to be a coincidence.

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

catnap posted:

The 2 that I saw at the local hobby shop had broken pilots and drooping couplers.

That means only one thing.They had a very rough ride.Between the port they came in.To being taken to the store.I feel sorry for shop owners.They are gonna have to deal with some very unhappy people.

I just received the powered and non powered.  Same issue with the couplers.

My powered unit struggled to initialize.  Once worked though getting it to start up the sound would cut in and out and then it ultimately ceased to operate.

All other features worked except sound.  

Spoke with customer service and were unable to get it to work so got an RA and returned via fed ex yesterday.  

The non powered unit has no issues with the couples.  Straight or 90 degrees to ground.

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