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I have been looking for a Lionel M10000 set to restore. I want to find a low price, because I am going to strip it down and paint it Milwaukee Road colors. I found one at around $250, but it was rusty, and some of the rust looked like it had damaged the metal. Some others I found have parts missing, and some of the 753 and 754 cars have warped bellies. I assume the bellies are cast. What causes them to warp? Can they be straightened by heating them up and tapping them back to shape?



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jim pastorius posted:

Not sure what would cause the belly to warp except a bad casting. I  think I would stay away from a car like that unless it was dirt cheap. Might be a mild zinc pest. I see cars occasionally at our RR shows so they are around.

I'm not sure either, but I have seen multiple examples. I don't think they were made that way.  I did find replacement underbelly castings at a prewar parts dealer for $60.

CharlieS posted:

Zinc pest.

I see. I had to look it up. I have heard of it, but not really experienced it. So, it cannot be fixed and must be replaced.

I read that I should soak any cast parts I strip in vinegar or oxalic acid before repainting. Is this a good idea? Which is better? I know I have vinegar available.


George, I have an M10000 set I started to restore but never finished I will sell for $ 250 plus shipping.  The set is complete as far as I can remember and has no rust.  A couple of the bellys were warped so I bought new ones.  I did add one extra car to make it a four car set.  Let me know if you are interested and I will send you some pics. My email is in my profile.

Chris Sheldon

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