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Has anybody successfully formed the warped plastic shells of the 50's era diesels back into shape?  Is there a fix other than heat and bend?  I've seen some that you could probably live with, but others have such a great bend in the roof that deforms the whole side down to the frame.  I tried heat on a building roof that somehow got warped into a potato chip, hoping to flatten it out a bit, but that was a flop.

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Unless someone knows something new, I don't think there was ever a remedy for the old cabs to be returned to a 'normal' profile.  Some years ago I picked up this set from the original owner and although very nice, the engines had a pretty bad case of the 'hump'.IMG_0336IMG_0338IMG_0341


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Well,  I find bits and pieces and rebuild locos back to life.  I wanted to create a set of New Havel ALCO's that Lionel sold for one year and can't be found, all so I could pick up the expansion set that had a B unit and two extra cars.  So have been fishing for the proper shell that was repaintable.  You find a lot of shells that look like these in the pic, but you do find some are very nice (and also have a very nice price) and I would hate to strip the paint and redo on a really nice one,  so I look for really sad condition bodies, but this set is too far gone...unless there was a magic body re straightening process.


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Don't think anyone could straighten those! I remember some postwar Sante Fe F units where it seems almost every one of them had a hump appear in the roof.

This is interesting. I posted a year or so ago in the S Gauge Forum about an Enhorning F unit I had purchased. It has a slight(er) "hump" and I got a few comments about "Igor" from "Young Frankenstein". I didn't know that Lionel had a similar issue...

Mark in Oregon

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